M I L A N 

F A S H i O n 

S h O w   

1967 is an important year for "the birth of italian ready-made clothes", and it is also a year when milan, as a world fashion capital, began to rise. this year, milan fashion week was officially founded, and a number of italian ready-made clothing brands with the designer's own name came into being. milan fashion week is one of the four famous fashion weeks in the world (namely milan, paris, new york and london). among the four fashion weeks, milan fashion week is the latest to rise, but now it has taken the lead and gathered the top figures in the fashion industry.

thousands of professional buyers in milan fashion week come from professional media and style trends all over the world. these essential elements bring about the worldwide spread far from other business models. as one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, milan fashion week has always been regarded as the "barometer" of world fashion design and consumption.